Presidential Families of America is always delighted to welcome new members. We invite ladies and gentleman of excellent character, and who meet the genealogical requirements of the Society, to submit a request for a membership application.  Upon approval, an application will be sent to the candidate from the Society's Registrar.

Eligibility is open to all persons, including citizens of any nation, who share interests in the purpose and objectives of PFA who prove their consanguinity to one or more of those persons who have served as Presidents of the United States of America or to the sitting President of the USA. Candidates for PFA membership shall prove either direct descent from a  President or collateral descent from an ancestral line held in common with a President.

In order to become a member of PFA, applicants must provide a completed application, documented proof of either a direct or collateral relationship with a President of the United States, as well as an application fee of $35.00.  Upon approval, the Registrar will notify the new member.  Both life and annual memberships are available.  The fee schedule, as of July 2009 is listed below.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP: $300.00 This Life Membership Fee is for all new members of all ages and is for one ancestral line only.

SUPPLEMENTAL LINES (each line): $50.00

Request for a Membership Application

If you believe you qualify for membership, and would like to request an application, please submit the following information to our Membership Committee.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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